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Little green pegasus is scary
safe1946237 artist:luminousdazzle309 sprout cloverleaf1876 oc823303 oc:luminous dazzle27 earth pony350690 pegasus395076 pony1295889 g536603 chest fluff51950 coat markings8693 duo107119 duo male and female1337 ear fluff40519 eye contact7276 feathered fetlocks820 female1579508 full body5937 gradient background16789 gritted teeth16179 heart59777 hoof heart1027 hooves22294 lineart23250 looking at each other26915 looking at someone6498 male450671 mare604011 open mouth193148 open smile14942 pegasus oc24032 raised hoof58626 scared12486 shadow5885 shrunken pupils5073 signature34220 sitting77078 smiling323578 socks (coat markings)5087 spread wings73171 stallion145604 standing17524 tail62061 teeth14599 two toned mane3882 two toned tail1766 underhoof60906 upside-down hoof heart222 wings169077


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