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Glad I could bring discomfort/pleasure to you all, gonna leave one last parting gift before this thread dies.

suggestive192543 artist:anonymous2012 edit174853 edited screencap91766 screencap297704 bow hothoof1439 scootaloo59223 pegasus507309 pony1627848 g42053284 parental glideance1258 bedroom eyes83378 blushing279081 choker21928 clothes644599 cloudsdale1612 condom4324 condom in mouth910 dyed mane822 ear piercing45077 earring33630 eye contact7720 eyeshadow31158 female1828756 filly99194 foal46261 foaldom477 goth3860 grin63978 implied foalcon1763 infidelity10199 jewelry116118 looking at each other35277 looking at someone17171 makeup41711 male559365 mouth hold24040 piercing65618 ship:scootahoof19 shipping257465 shirt41617 smiling405768 spiked choker3062 stallion199585 straight181770 sweat41459 this will end in jail time485 wavy mouth5640


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Background Pony #D592
Guys I don’t think that’s how condoms work
In fact, that is very much only when the condom doesn’t work