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safe2155108 alternate version84779 artist:confetticakez1129 princess celestia111858 princess luna116304 alicorn310256 pony1583090 g42007500 2 panel comic3421 angry36272 behaving like a fox18 buttstuck496 comic134179 cross-popping veins2702 crown29441 cute263313 cutelestia4257 emanata2564 eyes closed137136 faceplant805 female1781934 high res406221 hoof shoes9387 jewelry110812 luna is not amused681 majestic as fuck1536 mare728747 onomatopoeia8076 open mouth233275 open smile29493 pomf582 ponified animal photo987 regalia35756 sillestia334 silly8829 silly pony3505 smiling390183 snow19484 solo1410369 stuck3727 unamused23757


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