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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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They’re adorable

safe2200840 artist:leo19969525235 apple bloom60626 scootaloo59265 sweetie belle57272 earth pony516033 pegasus508821 pony1631260 unicorn551209 g42056920 adorabloom3942 apple bloom's bow3510 bipedal50430 blushing279819 bow45769 cute269615 cutealoo3985 cutie mark crusaders22616 daaaaaaaaaaaw7136 diasweetes3784 female1832703 filly99423 foal46569 grin64109 group hug1238 hair bow26323 happy45369 hug38221 simple background610600 smiling406994 standing on two hooves1474 the cmc's cutie marks5192 trio27561 wavy mouth5662 white background166901


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