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Natural Melodies

They get together every week at Fluttershy’s cottage for a little jam session.
safe1944630 artist:rocket-lawnchair272 angel bunny10601 dj pon-331337 fluttershy235656 octavia melody25836 vinyl scratch31337 bass (fish)10 bird11218 earth pony350041 fish3193 pegasus394371 pony1294203 rabbit7008 unicorn433065 american robin1 animal6175 backwards ballcap1057 baseball cap2562 bipedal43062 bow (instrument)984 cap5712 cello2943 drop the bass81 eyes closed117916 grin51504 hat106187 music3588 musical instrument13471 one eye closed39075 pun8281 smiling323124 speaker1270 sunglasses18111 turntable1206 visual pun2035


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Background Pony #25F9
I bet the Morricone canon gets a lot of play, with all the animal noises.