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the music comes from
If you begin to watch it,please finish it.
safe1860874 aloe2815 amethyst star2730 apple bloom53912 apple brown betty139 apple fritter822 applejack180860 auburn vision293 autumn blaze4545 berry blend522 berry bliss522 berry punch6910 berryshine6910 big macintosh30082 blues1072 bon bon17266 candy apples260 caramel2648 carrot top5735 cheerilee10434 cherry berry2282 cherry cola556 cherry fizzy615 citrine spark450 cloud kicker2184 coco crusoe701 coloratura3169 crackle cosette296 cultivar76 daisy2698 derpy hooves52357 dizzy twister1202 dj pon-330649 doctor whooves11212 fire quacker450 flower wishes2573 fluttershy227601 golden harvest5735 goldengrape718 granny smith5615 huckleberry403 junebug386 lemon hearts2326 lily2087 lily valley2086 linky1724 lotus blossom2954 lucky clover660 luster dawn1819 lyra heartstrings31100 mayor mare3477 meadow song645 millie183 minuette6204 night light2566 noteworthy1073 november rain622 octavia melody25147 orange swirl1202 parasol732 peppermint goldylinks521 pinkie pie229531 princess cadance35167 princess celestia100659 princess ember7389 princess flurry heart8127 princess luna105006 queen chrysalis37406 rainbow dash249332 rainbow stars265 rainbowshine1065 rarity194815 roseluck5435 royal riff409 sassaflash1049 scootaloo53695 sea swirl1745 seafoam1745 shining armor24834 shoeshine1836 sir colton vines iii718 sparkler2589 spike83986 spoiled rich1271 spring melody1278 sprinkle medley1278 starlight glimmer52677 sunset shimmer68840 sunshower raindrops2499 sweetie belle51512 sweetie drops17266 thorax4789 time turner11206 trixie72015 twilight sparkle319880 twilight velvet4756 twinkleshine2423 vapor trail1148 vinyl scratch30650 zecora10035 alicorn253434 changedling9501 changeling54150 dragon64638 earth pony312930 kirin11003 pegasus355997 pony1205145 unicorn393630 zebra19574 best gift ever2516 the last problem6721 animated106420 apple family member3118 bilibili source31 bipedal40333 cello2739 chinese3265 clothes518564 coronation dress777 crown21719 disguise5725 disguised changeling3254 dragoness10452 dress50016 english1163 female1500580 filly76718 filly luster dawn54 flying43020 foal20837 friendship student1865 japanese9069 jewelry80011 king thorax3252 male422639 mane seven7047 mane six33912 mare556764 musical instrument12682 nightlight72 regalia25474 royal sisters5177 scepter1260 second coronation dress250 siblings12253 sisters11032 sound10982 spread wings65358 stallion132536 twilight scepter2073 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132362 wall of tags4806 webm16828 wings148692


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Background Pony #4DF5
Discord: Hey, how come the Smooze and I weren’t invited to this performance?!
Background Pony #9E59
beautiful but i do not like part she say friends for life is just a joke!
she will never say this, she will more say, I thanks you for all my dear friends and I will never forget you!