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been a while since I’ve last drawn this little friend group.

safe2173992 artist:chub-wub740 luster dawn2128 princess flurry heart9555 spike92388 thorax5487 alicorn314062 changedling11481 changeling65889 dragon85389 pony1602146 unicorn537788 g42028612 alternate hairstyle37909 female1802299 gigachad spike1287 king thorax3848 lying down46702 male550582 mare740802 older39955 older flurry heart2836 older spike8986 open mouth237451 pillow25509 prone35194 simple background596118 white background161685 winged spike10129 wings222889


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A waste of biomatter
I would think only changeling Royalty would be Immortal, having the necessary Magical ability, just like the pony Princesses. Chrysalis was implied to be long lived with at least a few centuries as Queendom.
I would imagine reformed changelings would live longer as well than their original black clad counterparts.
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This makes me wonder how changeling age works. Maybe Thorax is immortal too.
Not gonna lie, I’ve always wondered why that isn’t talked about as much.
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Spike: “…and that’s how I saved Thorax just by singing a song.”
Luster: “Huh? Uh… Is not that I doesn’t believe Spike, but… Really? A song?”
Thorax: “Well, yeah. I still can’t believe it myself even after all those years. Who could have thought that a dragon from any creature in Equestria would manages to protect a changeling?”
Luster: “Not me! Oh. Uh, I mean as a old changeling.”
Thorax: “That’s quite alright. No offense taken.”
Flurry: “I barely remember how that happened, but I do remember two things about Thorax from back then: how kind he was and…” She giggled.
Thorax: “Huh? What?”
Flurry: “His tongue.”
Thorax: “Huh? M-my tongue? What about it?”
Flurry: “Well, it was funny and bizarre.”
Luster: “Really? Can you show it to me, Thorax?”
Thorax: “W-what? No!”
Spike: “Come on Luster. Leave him alone. He’s too shy on that matter.”
Thorax: “I am not!”
Spike: “Ok. Show it to her then.”
Thorax: “B-b-but pulling his tongue to anycreature is known to be rude.”
Spike: “See Luster?”
Thorax: “H-hey!” Flurry was laughing.
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
This makes me wonder how changeling age works. Maybe Thorax is immortal too. What do changelings look like when they’re old?