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safe1902409 artist:doublewbrothers580 fluttershy231774 princess celestia102449 oc800085 oc:anon12666 alicorn261246 human186932 pony1249819 animated108925 barking168 bed47702 bedroom12762 behaving like a dog1504 belly33581 big belly14828 boop8275 cake11021 cakelestia1188 car6883 cheek bulge324 cheek squish1143 chubbylestia988 cloud35951 collar39174 cute225942 cutelestia3892 deltarune197 dogsong1 dragging287 earth1254 eating11075 eyes closed113463 fat24987 flying44653 food82677 frozen357 guilty169 hand10218 happy36334 hot365 kicking2354 laughing9220 leash8987 licking23137 look16 magic82804 majestic as fuck1389 male436120 male pov8276 meteor180 music3434 nay3 noseboop3240 offscreen character41193 offscreen male1749 open mouth184211 open smile12051 panting3302 pet tag2010 pony pet928 pov16230 ralsei58 running6781 sad27494 sillestia316 silly7979 silly pony3190 sky17697 slap531 smiling310204 sniffing956 solo1213125 sound11520 space5641 squishy cheeks2778 sunmutt24 that princess sure does love cake21 this already ended in pain26 this already ended in property damage5 tiny1550 tiny ponies1659 tongue out122054 truck884 undertale1856 voice acting848 waking u1 wall of tags5062 webm17857 whining247 yawn1546


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Background Pony #BD94
@Background Pony #5A93
Yeah, she probably can, but her horn wasn’t glowing during the space section (except when she destroyed that asteroid), so there was no force field. That man was completely exposed to space, meaning every fluid in his body would boil, and the air would be ripped from his lungs (and if he tried to hold his breath, that’d do massive tissue damage).
Background Pony #BD94
This is super cute, but unless she granted her owner immortality, that man would be fucking dead from that flight.
Background Pony #5E9B
If dogs had horns they would use it to try to steal food. If they had wings it would be one heck of a walk to the dog park.