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safe1862546 artist:kingdark0001173 hundreds of users filter this tag307 spike84026 starlight glimmer52708 dragon64701 pony1206900 unicorn394349 absurd resolution69255 bedroom eyes67018 blue eyes7197 blushing221938 cute220471 duo90655 female1502097 green eyes5909 hooves on cheeks286 horn98545 kiss mark1280 kissing27105 lipstick12757 lucky bastard1702 male423107 mare557686 multicolored mane2555 multicolored tail1880 nose wrinkle3308 png607 romantic1731 shipping218365 simple background456140 sitting71999 smiling297392 sparlight654 standing16210 straight150137 tail49165 transparent background230068 winged spike8987 wings149117


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Background Pony #EB21
TBH with you, no one gives a sheet about Sweetie Belle or how old any of the characters are, so let other people enjoy their ships, and stop being such a pansy about it. 😜
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Heh, cute~
Sparlight is an occasional nice ship even if I like Sparity more.
And speaking of Sparity, this one reminds me of GeorgeGarza01 actually…