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safe1947572 artist:liaaqila1232 hitch trailblazer7456 izzy moonbow12833 pipp petals10892 sunny starscout11947 zipp storm8620 alicorn269988 earth pony351412 pegasus395660 pony1297342 unicorn434635 g537030 my little pony: a new generation13588 cheerleader3154 cheerleader outfit1277 clothes550234 cosplay31458 costume34750 cyclops (marvel comics)112 descendants12 dress52897 evie7 evie (descendants)3 eye clipping through hair10603 eyebrows14501 eyebrows visible through hair7492 eyes closed118194 female1580707 food86046 goggles16258 grin51647 high res84227 high school musical21 jacket15869 james marsden39 jar1289 lying down31411 male451215 mane five (g5)2319 mare604913 markings2694 marvel1859 mayonnaise199 prone30438 race swap17710 sauce511 siblings14421 simple background491100 sisters12604 skirt47267 smiling323964 sofia carson57 spread wings73283 stallion145906 sunnycorn682 tanktop9413 traditional art130141 uniform13250 unshorn fetlocks35037 vanessa hudgens52 visor938 voice actor joke2302 wall of tags5252 white background126936 wings169371 wonderbolts4007 wonderbolts uniform6593 x-men446


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Background Pony #5DFF
Izzy needs to be dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl because her VA was Penny Parker in Into the Spiderverse
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
There are 3 jokes here actually. James Marsden is Cyclops, Vanessa Hudgens is Gabriella from High School Musical, and Sofia Carson is Evie from Descendants.