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My first vector of Xenith…and I believe I am the first to coin this ship between her and Lancer. 😊
What if, in an alternate world prior to all the wars of main FO:E, those wars never happened? Doubt Lancer wouldn’t have fallen for such a strong sweet girl. :3
May the Xancer ship commence. πŸ₯°
First time attempting cel shading as opposed to my usual soft shading. :)
I love trying out new Inkscape textures in these wallpapers. Overlay texture used for the carpet was Tiger Fur. :)

safe2173378 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive40475 oc947025 oc:lancer impalii12 oc:xenith176 zebra23765 fallout equestria22925 fallout equestria: project horizons4006 .svg available10719 :36922 :d1857 alternate universe13030 burgundy3 carpet1566 cel shading884 chest fluff65451 cuddling10741 duo169668 ear fluff50653 fanfic art18606 female1801697 floor513 floppy ears72938 friendshipping704 glyphmark22 gun20746 happy44489 highlights1133 holding5447 hoof hold12944 hoof on cheek627 hoof on face140 hoof on head740 inkscape2506 inscriptions5 lancer's hunter rifle3 lifted leg680 looking at each other34301 looking at someone15943 lying down46652 lying on top of someone579 male550413 male and female294 mane3414 mare740491 mosin nagant102 mosin nagant m313 nc-tv signature96 oc x oc23824 open mouth237300 open smile31153 optical sight964 prone35173 raised hoof69843 relaxing2119 rifle4938 shading4123 shipping254026 signature43940 simple background595690 small mouth12 smiling397080 smiling at each other2598 sniper rifle1262 stallion195553 stallion oc862 straight178964 strap95 stripes2399 svg5254 tail100476 vector89851 watermark24055 weapon41224 xancer1 zebra oc5590 zebra stripes128


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