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safe2174454 artist:kittyrosie1441 rarity217549 twilight sparkle357758 alicorn314144 pony1602590 unicorn537972 g42028967 absurd resolution67463 blushing274130 chest fluff65553 cute265770 duo169945 duo female30943 ear fluff50757 eyes closed138985 female1802809 floppy ears72987 kittyrosie is trying to murder us160 lesbian117656 mare741096 nuzzling5053 one eye closed45735 open mouth237560 open smile31262 raribetes7015 ship:rarilight2182 shipping254172 simple background596398 sitting92377 smiling397468 twiabetes15287 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149128 white background161801


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