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safe2155296 artist:syrupyyy382 izzy moonbow21119 pipp petals20489 sunny starscout20946 human240945 g573355 my little pony: a new generation14645 adorapipp3144 bag9397 blushing269151 cellphone7882 clothes626000 converse7162 cute263271 dark skin8528 dress61036 ear piercing42732 elf ears2582 eyes closed137162 featured image1196 female1782068 fishnet clothing855 hat122745 heart hands587 holding hands3857 humanized118178 izzybetes2597 jacket19598 light skin6084 moderate dark skin1202 one eye closed45057 open mouth233321 pants21990 peace sign4697 phone12259 piercing62707 selfie4880 shoes58372 skirt54657 smartphone5247 smiling390279 sneakers6404 sunnybetes1769 syrupyyy is trying to murder us25 tan skin502 trio25405 unicorns as elves389 wink32543


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#1 Misty Stan
@Tennisball’s Eater
Late to this but: Basically a few reasons
-artists personal interp, any character can be any tone really
-purple characters tend to be given darker tones since even in the world of pastel ponies, purple is the naturally darkest color
-looks really good with her color scheme
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