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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2154928 artist:dusthiel964 lyra heartstrings33900 princess luna116297 oc936649 oc:big brian520 alicorn310219 pony1582881 bronycon2299 equestria daily1326 g42007409 clothes625822 cute263296 female1781735 folded wings18925 hat122720 horn179398 leg fluff4802 lunabetes4329 mare728615 meme93223 pins340 ponytober489 propeller hat819 s1 luna8443 slender5146 slippers1316 solo1410206 thanks m.a. larson200 themed slippers17 thin8013 wings217166


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I recognize the top right pin as an M.A. Larson joke about twilicorn. The pin between the M.A. Larson and EQD ones is a BronyCon pin. The lowest left, I’m not sure.