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I seem to draw a lot of ponies eating things.
safe1918817 artist:heretichesh1549 sweetie belle52451 pony1266438 unicorn420074 bell pepper3 blank flank8576 blushing230940 cute228327 diasweetes3290 eating11216 eyes closed115143 female1554260 filly80906 food83790 gradient background16279 herbivore1936 hoof hold10286 name pun186 pepper223 solo1225463


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Background Pony #4154
She’s assuming a pizza in her belly. One ingredient at a ttme. Because baking one did not go well.
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Somehow Omnipresent?
So’s chocolate, which MLP ponies eat all the time.
I think it’s safe to say that MLP ponies are not subject to the same dietary constraints as real equines.
(nevermind the whole “magic” and “flying” and “talking” stuff)
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Background Pony #7FF9
Chairman Kaga: “それは私のポニーです!” (That’s my pony)
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