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safe2172125 artist:chub-wub739 applejack200248 discord37525 fluttershy258328 pinkie pie255510 rainbow dash279590 rarity217337 spike92336 twilight sparkle357355 alicorn313647 dragon85298 earth pony445335 pegasus495547 pony1600298 unicorn536985 g42026888 applejack's hat14388 cowboy hat25654 eyebrows24461 eyebrows visible through hair11630 female1800248 food101148 frown36091 glowing19072 glowing horn29099 hat124028 high res407686 horn189377 implied g531 levitation16230 looking at each other34245 magic96497 magic aura8977 male549946 mane seven7867 mane six37560 mare739450 missing cutie mark6492 notebook861 open mouth237081 open smile31064 pencil4828 pillow25475 popcorn2012 smiling396719 smiling at each other2584 telekinesis38997 television3383 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148993 winged spike10118 wings222368


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