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safe1749575 artist:chub-wub463 applejack173219 discord31803 fluttershy217155 pinkie pie220094 rainbow dash238485 rarity185520 spike80476 twilight sparkle306023 alicorn232740 dragon58682 earth pony265615 pegasus308835 pony1009698 unicorn341950 applejack's hat8393 cowboy hat17137 eyebrows6398 eyebrows visible through hair3168 female1401098 food72917 frown23555 glowing4617 glowing horn20506 hat90255 high res32585 horn77451 levitation12545 looking at each other21425 magic75350 magic aura4638 male387727 mane seven6670 mane six32552 mare501793 missing cutie mark4777 notebook595 open mouth154113 open smile2094 pencil3772 pillow18643 popcorn1565 smiling260623 smiling at each other230 telekinesis28695 television2559 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126163 winged spike8550 wings122928


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