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safe2197590 artist:kittyrosie1451 applejack202393 fluttershy261158 pinkie pie258378 rainbow dash282874 rarity219486 spike93018 twilight sparkle361073 alicorn319400 dragon87031 earth pony514720 pony1628000 unicorn549590 g42053390 colored pupils13381 cute269123 dashabetes12478 diapinkes12748 flying56076 hair over one eye13120 heart eyes30596 jackabetes8041 lying down48934 mane seven7947 mane six37857 open mouth242666 prone35885 raribetes7101 septet147 shyabetes19493 sitting94296 spikabetes2915 twiabetes15514 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150768 weapons-grade cute4717 wingding eyes41691


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Background Pony #4567
Awwwww so cute. I wish I could… (except for spike)
Pet their manes
Rub their bellies
Kiss their cheeks
Tickle their hooves and sides
And say “Why are you so cute?”. The earth won’t know.