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safe1974780 artist:setharu336 sweetie belle53528 pony1327207 unicorn448003 bust67308 chest fluff53522 cute236842 diasweetes3396 ear fluff41816 female1606394 frown28870 mare619945 older34249 older sweetie belle3191 portrait37348 simple background503351 solo1270947 transparent background248605 white outline1223


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
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Ian Nevla
I find it interesting that this picture is in the number one place for pictures posted in the last 72 hours, but the Sweetie-bot version barely got any attention, at least compared to this.
Also, this one looks amazing too!!! Well done!
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Artist -
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

You look quite deep into these images, it’s pretty interesting to see what someone else sees in art.  
Personally I find it quite hard to see deeper meanings or small details in pictures.
Artist -

The ears are low which is common for artist to do to put a display of low or a peaceful attitude. Yet, she is not smiling and neither is her facial expression relaxed. Also consider the 3/4 view. Her eyes are looking at the viewer as if its without a choice, but instead her anxiety over powers her to look at the viewer. Its an obvious emotion a low spirit.
Artist -

Its pieces of art like this that gets my imagination. Makes me wonder the back story. How did she get here and what is she thinking? Is this a deep thinking facial expression or is she dealing with depression? I love art like this. Its very inspiring!