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Oh, there's Sandbar. Don't worry, little pony, Gallus is gonna take good care of you…

I used a guide from sharkstuff (tumblr 2016, dunno their new name/site) for the stomach acid pool. I think it worked well.
questionable111424 artist:dzamie59 gallus6835 sandbar5510 griffon27455 pony984988 blatant lies1332 carnivore222 colored19636 dialogue66407 digital art19342 fetish40658 food chain286 galluspred28 griffons doing griffon things222 implied starlight glimmer440 internal4193 male379227 predator430 prey332 simple background400229 stomach acid746 vore14569 willing vore1118 wings110893 x-ray8028


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Background Pony #0B24
Sandbar is quietly doing his best to digest quickly for his griffon superior, like a good pony.