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safe2155180 edit171344 edited screencap89393 editor:quoterific8500 screencap294040 applejack198843 pinkie pie253713 earth pony438209 pony1583138 apple family reunion1215 applebuck season1092 dragon dropped1286 dragonshy1168 g42007812 grannies gone wild920 leap of faith768 look before you sleep1101 made in manehattan800 no second prances2063 party of one1366 the last laugh940 three's a crowd1489 trade ya1013 angry36278 apple20988 applejack is best facemaker278 applejack is not amused1067 applejack's hat14085 cowboy hat25219 cute263258 derp8306 derp face191 duo164677 duo female29660 eyes closed137145 faic14835 female1781954 floppy ears71955 food100023 golden oaks library6568 grin62053 hat122741 jackabetes7876 madorable1077 open mouth233295 smiling390237 solo focus29346 sweet apple acres3837 throne4306 tree48329 twilight's castle5456 unamused23757 wavy mouth5455


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