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Here are the rest of the stream requests!
safe1947804 artist:ruef474 scootaloo55158 spitfire14561 pegasus395851 pony1297800 angry32222 bits1221 blank flank8851 blushing235057 chest fluff52062 cute232322 cutealoo3405 cutefire256 duo107471 duo female18825 ear fluff40584 feathered wings1556 featured image1048 female1580980 filly83094 floppy ears63555 grumpy2942 high res84268 hmph37 kiddie ride53 madorable910 mare605059 missing cutie mark5472 plane3209 pouting2201 profile7109 scootaloo is not amused217 simple background491219 spread wings73310 sweet dreams fuel1862 unamused20183 white background126978 wings169466


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Physics Pon
The ‘Spitfire riding an airplane toy’ piece was suggested by me on stream. Another watcher wanted Scootaloo next, and the images merged into one ball of cuteness.
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