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Here are the rest of the stream requests!
safe1768695 artist:ruef457 scootaloo52172 spitfire13778 pegasus316077 pony1028566 angry28422 bits1138 blank flank7753 blushing207192 chest fluff42097 cute207867 cutealoo2972 cutefire228 duo66167 duo female12296 ear fluff32177 featured image918 female1417519 filly70816 floppy ears55440 grumpy2639 high res34448 hmph31 kiddie ride47 madorable735 mare510415 missing cutie mark4852 plane2787 pouting2036 profile6367 scootaloo is not amused172 simple background415137 spread wings58108 sweet dreams fuel1685 unamused16984 white background104193 wings126566


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Physics Pon
The ‘Spitfire riding an airplane toy’ piece was suggested by me on stream. Another watcher wanted Scootaloo next, and the images merged into one ball of cuteness.