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Here are the rest of the stream requests!
safe1993105 artist:ruef474 scootaloo55828 spitfire14732 pegasus415752 pony1345855 angry33085 bits1242 blank flank9056 blushing242240 chest fluff54904 cute239290 cutealoo3484 cutefire279 duo123681 duo female21125 ear fluff42500 feathered wings1645 featured image1082 female1623386 filly86180 floppy ears65292 grumpy3000 high res87873 hmph39 kiddie ride54 madorable952 mare629246 missing cutie mark5638 plane3273 pouting2250 profile7252 scootaloo is not amused231 simple background511380 spread wings77205 sweet dreams fuel1931 unamused21048 white background133882 wings179635


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Physics Pon
The ‘Spitfire riding an airplane toy’ piece was suggested by me on stream. Another watcher wanted Scootaloo next, and the images merged into one ball of cuteness.