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safe2151375 artist:charrlll40 apple bloom59529 scootaloo58365 sweetie belle56275 human240272 g42004437 alternate hairstyle37129 apple bloom's bow3312 bandaid3092 beauty mark1561 belly button108137 blushing268125 boots32829 bow43845 clothes624181 converse7148 cowboy boots2595 cutie mark crusaders22193 denim dress29 dress60856 elf ears2580 female1777771 flats599 freckles42827 glowing horn28679 hair bow25080 horn178089 horned humanization7983 humanized117962 magic95370 midriff23940 overalls2401 shirt39395 shoes58129 shorts19258 simple background584119 skirt54498 socks93686 sports bra4713 sports shorts1616 white background157099 winged humanization10027 wings216142 wristband5188


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Planeswalker — FoME
Wholesome farm girl who thinks she’s more clever than she actually is.  
Mischevious elf who is fifty years old and can’t resist messing with humans.  
Literal imp who keeps the main villain from actually accomplishing anything evil.