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The Epilogue of Fine Print
“The End”

safe2155116 artist:rutkotka534 bon bon18702 daisy2945 flower wishes2945 giselle198 irma198 lily2347 lily valley2347 lyra heartstrings33901 princess luna116304 spike91862 sweetie drops18702 twilight sparkle354814 oc936733 oc:load bearing3 oc:spark gap59 oc:violet(fine print)3 alicorn310259 bat pony73752 dragon84307 earth pony438196 griffon36331 pony1583108 unicorn529164 fanfic:fine print56 g42007510 bat pony oc29061 bat wings16261 female1781955 high res406221 leaves3456 male543368 mare728758 offspring49855 older39563 older spike8920 older twilight4313 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3807 parent:oc:spark gap4 parent:roseluck121 parents:canon x oc2291 parents:rosegap4 png1255 ponyville train station27 princess twilight 2.03773 stallion191843 the end266 time skip74 train3399 train station604 train tracks237 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148088 winged spike10059 wings217224


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Background Pony #A58D
spark gap?
that names rings a bell and ive yet to get a chance to read Fine Print.