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(This continues from the original ending of the Administrative Unity, which was page 18)
An old enemy is returning to power to threaten Equestria once again. Now the fate of these lands fall upon the new fusions/alicorns to lead the nation and virtually the world against this darkness. How will the new royalty tackle these impending problems and threats while maintaining peace over their dominions.  
This is going to be the last page of this comic commission that has been illustrated by the awesome :icontarkron: in collaboration between us, so please thank him for this lovely art and to give him lots of support!!
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safe2153460 artist:tarkron195 lyra heartstrings33882 oc935973 oc:king speedy hooves321 oc:queen galaxia (bigonionbean)298 alicorn309926 pony1581371 unicorn528309 comic:fusing the fusions226 comic:time of the fusions100 g42006523 alicorn oc36143 alicorn princess489 comic134056 commissioner:bigonionbean2572 crown29401 cutie mark51406 dialogue91009 female1780207 friendship express644 fusion:big macintosh370 fusion:flash sentry357 fusion:princess cadance382 fusion:princess celestia441 fusion:princess luna402 fusion:shining armor368 fusion:trouble shoes357 fusion:twilight sparkle549 glasses87251 high res406089 horn178504 husband and wife2314 jewelry110639 male542736 mare727645 rain7761 regalia35707 royalty1844 self reflection8 shadow6785 sitting90700 stallion191615 storm1102 thinking2587 thought bubble5147 train3397 train station603 wings216668 writer:bigonionbean2225


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Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
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Emu War veteran..
Nope, I am not an artist mate, but rather a commissioner who writes scripts and other stories for these comics as a framework, then through my own pocket commission the actual artists to complete the piece I envision.
Don’t know why you would tell me such a thing but ok…
Background Pony #4E5B
It seems that someone will now cosplay Anna Karenina. Well, it’s a pity that Lyra begins to think about the right things, but soon she will accept the merger herself.