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So I haven't drawn for like over a month since I was busy building a shed, and then my computer died and I had to get a new one. Moral of the story, keep frequent backups since the hard drive was completely screwed but I didn't lose any data or pictures due to backups :D

So to get back into practice I took the original pic of Star Tracker crossdressing COSPLAYING and drew some costumes on him. Here they all are enjoy :P

Hopefully Tempest doesn't come along and kick his ass for dressing up as her :P

And the rest:
No clothes
Sphinxy's Servant
safe1709017 alternate version45652 artist:badumsquish1968 derpibooru exclusive28430 part of a set12133 star tracker418 tempest shadow16803 pony970076 unicorn324474 once upon a zeppelin825 armor23794 clothes460523 clothes swap1294 cosplay27747 costume27471 crossdressing9303 crossplay131 dyed hair83 eyeliner1026 eyeshadow15654 freckles28943 grin38642 happy31282 high res29712 implied tempest shadow72 looking at you169062 makeup21530 male373579 open mouth146357 pose5891 raised hoof45796 scar12021 shoes36840 show accurate15573 smiling249196 solo1065919 stallion109200 starcrossed16 storm king's emblem138


not provided yet


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