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Tina plans to make all the mane six into maid ponies like this, and each will have an alternate hair style.  
Next up is Rarity!
Rainbow Dash: >>2401008  
Fluttershy: >>2567161  
Twilight: You are here  
Rarity: >>2579394  
Applejack: >>2668695  
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1975415 artist:taytinabelle170 part of a set18622 twilight sparkle333424 alicorn275223 pony1327841 alternate hairstyle33562 apron5222 blue background7769 blushing239437 bow38385 clothes560916 cute236991 cutie mark accessory669 dress53996 ear fluff41863 female1607007 gradient background17402 happy38495 hat109205 looking at you217946 maid7048 maidlight sparkle71 mare620137 necktie9143 pigtails5682 pleated skirt4300 raised hoof60012 shoes49783 simple background503802 skirt48153 smiling332358 socks82116 solo1271580 twiabetes13886 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138785


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