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Tina plans to make all the mane six into maid ponies like this, and each will have an alternate hair style.
Next up is Rarity!

Rainbow Dash: >>2401008
Fluttershy: >>2567161
Twilight: You are here
Rarity: >>2579394
Applejack: Soon™
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1709061 artist:taytinabelle138 part of a set12133 twilight sparkle300663 alicorn224956 pony970133 alternate hairstyle28144 apron4266 blue background5128 blushing198073 bow28726 clothes460546 cute200197 cutie mark accessory456 dress44622 ear fluff29655 female1365521 gradient background12662 happy31283 hat87043 looking at you169084 maid5827 mare481897 necktie7302 pigtails4789 pleated skirt4059 raised hoof45796 shoes36844 simple background394336 skirt39845 smiling249223 socks66481 solo1065976 twiabetes11785 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123813


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