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Tina plans to make all the mane six into maid ponies like this, and each will have an alternate hair style.  
Next up is Rarity!
Rainbow Dash: >>2401008  
Fluttershy: >>2567161  
Twilight: You are here  
Rarity: >>2579394  
Applejack: >>2668695  
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1768693 artist:taytinabelle143 part of a set13982 twilight sparkle308300 alicorn235939 pony1028562 alternate hairstyle29396 apron4516 blue background5646 blushing207190 bow30445 clothes482221 cute207867 cutie mark accessory548 dress46574 ear fluff32177 female1417516 gradient background13704 happy32571 hat91924 looking at you178354 maid6123 maidlight sparkle40 mare510414 necktie7708 pigtails4980 pleated skirt4089 raised hoof49288 shoes39544 simple background415136 skirt41643 smiling266386 socks69346 solo1107583 twiabetes12365 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127101


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