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"The cute group shot Red heart
#MLP #pony #kirin #Cadance #PRINCESS #fluttershy #Chrysalis #Phoenix"
safe1681366 artist:taneysha251 autumn blaze3759 fluttershy210089 peewee285 princess cadance32358 queen chrysalis34360 alicorn219693 changeling46249 kirin8331 phoenix1758 pony943466 :t3729 awwtumn blaze729 blush sticker2422 blushing193338 commission65859 cute196075 cutealis2133 cutedance1234 cuteness overload183 female1340558 high res25542 hoof hold8150 hug27744 jealous1212 kirin fluttershy30 kirin-ified617 kirinbetes233 looking at someone488 looking at you164002 lying down15669 mare468680 open mouth140880 phoenix chick54 prone25058 scrunchy face7026 shyabetes13398 simple background385136 sitting61728 smiling241477 species swap18921 stray strand473 waving at you33 wingding eyes21685 wings102163


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Cadance is petting a phoenix hatchling while enjoying some kirin companionship in the form of Autumn and Fluttershy, while Chrysalis watches in envy and wishes she has a little phoenix as well.