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“The cute group shot Red heart  
#MLP #pony #kirin #Cadance #PRINCESS #fluttershy #Chrysalis #Phoenix”
safe1766576 artist:taneysha279 autumn blaze4054 fluttershy218726 peewee294 princess cadance33353 queen chrysalis35701 alicorn235553 changeling50432 kirin9428 phoenix1813 pony1026445 :t3896 awwtumn blaze759 blush sticker2680 blushing206854 commission74506 cute207587 cutealis2175 cutedance1296 cuteness overload195 female1415707 heart eyes17703 high res34261 hoof hold8783 hug29373 jealous1264 kirin fluttershy32 kirin-ified712 kirinbetes242 kirinshy3 looking at someone652 looking at you178006 lying down20413 mare509410 open mouth157505 phoenix chick54 prone26595 scrunchy face7281 shyabetes14646 simple background414317 sitting66332 smiling265712 species swap20846 stray strand511 waving at you68 wingding eyes23753 wings126130


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Cadance is petting a phoenix hatchling while enjoying some kirin companionship in the form of Autumn and Fluttershy, while Chrysalis watches in envy and wishes she has a little phoenix as well.