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"The cute group shot Red heart
#MLP #pony #kirin #Cadance #PRINCESS #fluttershy #Chrysalis #Phoenix"
safe1654033 artist:taneysha244 autumn blaze3658 fluttershy207131 princess cadance31883 queen chrysalis33943 alicorn214328 changeling44943 kirin7956 phoenix1734 pony918519 :t3689 awwtumn blaze706 blush sticker2362 blushing188887 commission63009 cute191848 cutealis2114 cutedance1209 cuteness overload173 female1317700 high res24506 hoof hold7943 hug27140 jealous1200 kirin fluttershy29 kirin-ified586 looking at someone464 looking at you159293 lying down14157 mare456331 open mouth136284 phoenix chick54 prone24663 scrunchy face6968 shyabetes13008 simple background375899 sitting60018 smiling233912 species swap18561 stray strand458 waving at you23 wingding eyes21048 wings96366


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Cadance is petting a phoenix hatchling while enjoying some kirin companionship in the form of Autumn and Fluttershy, while Chrysalis watches in envy and wishes she has a little phoenix as well.