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Huh. How about that.
More dimensional travelers showing up at the magic academy… :v
suggestive148397 artist:scorpdk681 cozy glow7724 pegasus309043 anthro269520 adult2581 adult cozy glow5 big breasts85992 blushing204601 bow29962 bracelet10009 breasts288639 busty cozy glow81 choker12917 clothes475884 cozybetes1236 cute205663 eyelashes12305 female1401629 floating heart2970 gradient background13396 hair bow16374 heart50011 high heels11772 jewelry68195 legs8828 long nails543 looking at you175633 miniskirt5048 necktie7579 older27794 older cozy glow352 one eye closed32496 open mouth154256 panties51492 panty shot815 plaid skirt665 pleated skirt4077 school uniform7442 shoes38726 simple background409007 skirt41077 smiling260836 smiling at you5194 solo1094188 stockings34214 stupid sexy cozy glow40 sweater puppies145 sweater vest433 tail bow5799 thigh highs38165 thighs15057 underwear62488 upskirt6037 watch1471 wink25647 winking at you1092 wristwatch552 zettai ryouiki1932


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Background Pony #055B
I thought this was supposed to be Cozy dressed up as Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4.
Still cute though.

Considering the "Older Cozy Glow" and "Adult Cozy Glow" tags, I don't think she's just a filly anymore.