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Artist Desc:

I just had to draw Starlight's punk outfit from the Gameloft game. Rarity and Twilight wanted to join in too.

Twilight's outfit is based on yakovlev-vad's design
safe1618431 artist:dstears620 rarity174012 starlight glimmer45728 twilight sparkle288707 alicorn206681 unicorn286334 alternate hairstyle25757 bracelet8415 chest fluff34449 clothes427114 cutie mark44006 cutie mark on clothes1171 ear piercing23242 earring19009 edgelight glimmer121 eyebrow piercing786 eyeshadow14091 gameloft4585 gameloft interpretation285 high res23428 hoof shoes4583 jacket11396 jewelry55490 laser884 light1372 makeup19205 neckerchief1644 piercing37092 punk2052 punklight sparkle714 raripunk1132 skirt37118 tongue out95297 tongue piercing915 trio7752 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118554


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