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safe2155430 artist:fuyugi274 applejack198865 fluttershy256219 rarity215925 twilight sparkle354887 butterfly9612 earth pony438315 pegasus488399 pony1583376 unicorn529325 g42008267 :o6613 alternate hairstyle37279 applejack is not amused1067 applejack's hat14089 book43003 cowboy hat25224 cute263286 eyes closed137167 glowing horn28741 hat122756 high res406252 horn179715 jackabetes7876 japanese10063 magic95601 open mouth233369 pigtails6501 telekinesis38604 translated in the comments3487 twigtails17 twintails2286 unamused23764 unicorn twilight32449 writing1512


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