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safe2154928 artist:chub-wub732 luster dawn2107 princess cadance39546 princess flurry heart9452 shining armor27694 spike91850 thorax5434 alicorn310221 changedling11323 changeling65146 dragon84291 pony1582883 unicorn529084 g42007408 absurd resolution67077 alternate hairstyle37253 armor30815 beard5558 blushing269041 camera5155 clothes625823 crown29436 cute263296 facial hair9916 family5673 father and child2621 father and daughter3944 female1781739 filly96257 flurrybetes1172 glowing horn28729 helmet15633 horn179398 jewelry110794 king thorax3715 levitation16076 like father like daughter121 like parent like child604 magic95566 male543298 mare728617 missing cutie mark6415 mother and child5873 mother and daughter8237 moustache3882 nintendo3884 nintendo switch834 older39557 older flurry heart2790 older spike8920 open mouth233228 pillow25144 raised hoof68499 regalia35749 royal guard10793 ship:shiningcadance3396 shipping251314 shirt39542 simple background585796 sitting90789 stallion191815 straight176711 suit8900 telekinesis38587 uncle spike80 unshorn fetlocks45199 white background157713 winged spike10057 wings217167


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Background Pony #F063
Awesome quote man! XD  
I appreciate that so much as a fan of that movie and as a Civil War Buff & Reenactor.
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Sky funeral
“But sir, Shining has his daughter as adjutant!”
“That’s different. Prince-consorts can do anything. nothing quite so much like God on earth as a Prince-Consort on the battlefield.”
Jake The Army Guy

Chub-Wub, you need to stop drawing everything so damn… perfect. Much like with your Spike and Peewee pic, there is literally nothing about this picture that I don’t love.
Proud Mama and Papa Cadance and Shining with babbu Flurry Heart? Yes, please!
Imperial Guard Captain Flurry Heart keeping the family tradition going and Shining embarrassing her by being the massive fucking dork that he is? Oh, my yes!
Adult Flurry being stoic and awesome while filly Flurry does a silly blep? Yee and a half!
Filly Flurry Heart bonding with Uncle Spike? Mmmmmmmmmyyesssss!!!
Proud Mama Cadance tearing up on what I will say is Flurry’s first day as Captain? Yes, yes, yes!
King Thorax being clueless, Spike dutifully helping him, wand Flurry and Luster Dawn vying for the win? [cue Meg Ryan scene from When Harry Met Sally ]
Seriously, my dude, you are quickly becoming one of my top favorite artists. Please keep up the fantastic work! _
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Planeswalker — FoME
I want more Luster/Flurry interactions. I could definitely see them repeating the “best babysitter ever” relationship.
Ooh, I’ll have to write that one down…