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safe2151774 artist:setharu341 applejack198618 fluttershy255809 pinkie pie253363 rainbow dash277001 rarity215642 twilight sparkle354366 earth pony436757 pegasus486887 pony1579710 unicorn527618 semi-anthro21930 mlp fim's tenth anniversary600 friendship is magic3821 g42004662 applejack's hat14012 arm hooves17209 big crown thingy3130 chest fluff63757 cowboy hat25134 element of generosity1391 element of honesty1368 element of kindness1551 element of laughter1394 element of loyalty1594 element of magic3467 elements of harmony2875 eyes closed136800 female1778227 flying54080 freckles42856 glowing eyes15140 happy birthday mlp:fim1557 hat122486 horn178179 jewelry110452 magic95391 mane six37287 mare726728 raised hoof68310 regalia35649 scene interpretation10794 the elements in action79 unicorn twilight32330 wings216238


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