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dead source45480 safe2155536 artist:php142734 starlight glimmer59383 trixie78989 twilight sparkle354917 alicorn310359 pony1583477 unicorn529392 g42008470 bed56866 blanket7430 commission115016 cute263297 diatrixes3832 eyes closed137183 female1782430 glimmerbetes4753 high res406258 hug37203 mare729006 nuzzling5022 open mouth233389 pillow25172 twiabetes15191 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148117


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Aww, I love them! Is this meant to be shipping? I added the polyamory tag before realizing this doesn’t have any shipping tags, and I don’t really know the artist’s intent here. Either way, absolutely adorable picture!