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safe2155215 edit171346 screencap294039 applejack198841 earth pony438215 pony1583167 a trivial pursuit1288 g4.57690 my little pony: pony life6822 the 5 habits of highly effective ponies44 :t4429 apple20989 apple tree4241 applejack is best facemaker278 applejack's hat14085 basket4343 chewing741 confident1186 cowboy hat25219 cropped60931 eating13204 eyes closed137153 faic14835 female1781988 food100026 freckles43029 hat122744 heart74724 herbivore2770 holding5310 hooves on the table278 laughing10959 lidded eyes46852 mare728759 ponytail26529 puffy cheeks5091 rainbow6571 raised eyebrow9818 raised hoof68521 sitting90798 smiling390253 smirk17936 smugjack96 solo1410358 stetson5819 talking10515 that pony sure does love apples892 tree48331


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Background Pony #16C0
so if apples are sentient and they are perfectly fine wit eating them, then why don’t they eat meat?