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I coulda sworn there was already a coloured version that looked pretty much identical to this. Ah well, self-fulfilling prophecy I guess.

safe2153190 artist:lupin quill1373 artist:sirmasterdufel1075 colorist:lupin quill5 bon bon18690 lyra heartstrings33880 sweetie drops18690 earth pony437406 pony1581123 unicorn528173 g42006197 belly42394 belly button108428 bellyrubs1350 big belly19439 blushing268700 bon bon is not amused1140 duo164133 duo female29462 eyes closed136899 fat28703 fat fetish3112 female1779865 fetish56245 hoof on belly528 lard-ra heartstrings245 leg kick24 lesbian116429 lip bite15208 mare727492 ship:lyrabon4006 shipping251040 unamused23729 weight gain5632


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Background Pony #6A9C
There was a flat colored version. A friend of mine made it. He has decided to keep it private.