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This is my first PMV to the last few minutes of the series. Thanks for watching.
safe1585086 edit119444 edited screencap57176 screencap206025 sound edit248 aloe2445 angel bunny9405 apple bloom46788 apple rose298 applejack159731 auntie applesauce270 autumn blaze3410 babs seed5544 berry cola6 berry punch6145 berryshine6137 big daddy mccolt81 big macintosh26691 blancmange20 bon bon15447 bow hothoof930 braeburn5993 bright mac1147 bulk biceps3239 burnt oak109 candy cloud7 capper dapperpaws1454 carrot cake1964 cattail72 cheerilee9391 cheese sandwich3654 cherry jubilee1019 clear sky380 cloudy quartz1225 coco pommel5564 coloratura2699 cranky doodle donkey922 cup cake3817 daring do6135 derpy hooves48160 diamond tiara9668 discord28862 dj pon-328063 doctor fauna508 doctor muffin top68 doctor whooves10142 double diamond1561 fancypants1788 featherweight1199 first base238 flam2007 flash magnus724 flash sentry11932 flim2123 fluttershy199586 gabby2147 gallop j. fry226 gallus5963 garble1635 garrick10 gentle breeze299 georgia (character)24 gilda9113 glitter dust5 grand pear228 granny smith5043 gummy4857 hoity toity943 igneous rock pie810 iron will1282 li'l cheese371 limestone pie4630 linky1390 little mac65 little red151 little strongheart749 lotus blossom2603 luster dawn1084 lyra heartstrings28057 marble pie6014 matilda466 maud pie11787 mayor mare3052 meadowbrook731 mistmane671 monsoon season6 moondancer4443 mudbriar729 night glider1272 night light2022 nurse redheart3299 ocellus4676 octavia melody22584 opalescence1997 owlowiscious1918 party favor1426 peach fuzz244 pear butter2491 pharynx886 photo finish2494 pinkie pie204251 pipsqueak2702 plaid stripes240 posey shy1084 pound cake2379 prince rutherford690 princess cadance30458 princess celestia89737 princess ember5813 princess flurry heart6373 princess luna94162 pumpkin cake2111 quibble pants1432 rainbow dash220738 rarity170944 river song (character)24 rockhoof996 roseluck4707 rumble3757 saffron masala1573 sandbar4789 sassy saddles954 scootaloo49051 shining armor21688 shoeshine1505 silver spoon6167 silverstream5424 sky beak127 sky stinger483 smolder6856 snails5113 snips4028 soarin'13340 somnambula1689 spike74399 spitfire12742 star swirl the bearded1871 starlight glimmer44545 storm chaser7 stygian694 sugar belle2774 summer chills10 sunburst5940 sunset shimmer57448 super funk191 sweetie belle46612 sweetie drops15451 swift vanilla7 tank2605 tempest shadow15770 tender taps646 terramar674 thorax3995 thunderlane3794 time turner10139 tree hugger2611 trixie62834 trouble shoes1048 twilight sparkle283586 twilight velvet3851 twist2746 updraft6 vapor trail936 vinyl scratch28065 wind sprint499 windy whistles1890 winona2432 yelena23 yona4551 zecora8806 zippoorwhill355 abyssinian1126 alicorn199269 alligator723 bird6949 breezie2035 cat5499 changedling7428 changeling41188 dog8527 dragon48831 earth pony205311 griffon24410 hippogriff8462 owl885 pegasus246795 tortoise531 unicorn273283 yak3926 the last problem4380 animated92819 cover song1 flim flam brothers1173 king thorax2640 mane seven5923 mane six29652 mccolt family172 older23385 older applejack566 older fluttershy536 older mane seven173 older mane six276 older pinkie pie521 older rainbow dash615 older rarity544 older spike4543 older twilight1177 pmv281 prince pharynx627 princess twilight 2.01766 rara1008 sound7270 tarzan84 the lost bros (band)1 the magic of friendship grows71 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116110 wall of tags2533 webm10808 you'll be in my heart1


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@Willight Robinbine
It could also EASILY be done on here.. something went extremely haywire obviously
Although, vp9 might have to be used to not have significant compression artifacts (although, probably won't be too much worse compression artifact-wise even then)
Background Pony #44B6
Oh please excuse the video quality as this was the only resolution that i could upload as the others were too big for the site.