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Originally posted on: Feb 18, 2017
When Cinnamon Crisp met Mkali — Part 2

Someone asked on Tumblr how these two met, so I HAD to draw it! (Part 1 here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22654539/)

safe1578209 artist:esmeia171 apple bloom46613 oc606478 oc only410438 oc:cinnamon crisp61 oc:mkali16 earth pony200004 pony847878 zebra15775 zebracorn329 :o3470 blushing176241 candy6051 cinnakali10 comic101701 covering3731 dialogue60710 earth pony oc3529 embarrassed10121 eyes closed80446 fangs22225 female901540 food61026 grin33070 lidded eyes25796 male306301 mare416725 oc x oc13217 open mouth123516 shipping184296 shocked5768 smiling215711 stallion93031


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