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safe2154586 artist:mite-lime231 princess celestia111841 princess luna116280 alicorn310164 pony1582557 g42007272 :p14123 blushing268971 chest fluff63933 colored pupils13121 cute263265 cutelestia4257 duo164543 ear fluff49272 eyes closed137074 female1781339 floppy ears71915 fluffy19258 glare9012 high res406172 leg fluff4802 lunabetes4329 mare728363 missing accessory10104 pouting2366 princess3363 raspberry1355 royal sisters6572 s1 luna8443 shoulder fluff3000 sibling rivalry209 siblings21206 simple background585636 sisters17585 sitting90769 tongue out144938 transparent background281156 underhoof68003


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