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well this retro time but wait this april fool's day?… oh yes XD

this screenshot take from my retro laptop (ibm thinkpad A31).

intel pentium 4 M 1.60 GHz
ati mobility radeon 7500 (16mb)
corsair ddr1 1GB (512x512)
dual os windows xp sp3 and lubuntu 14.04

want downvote? you still don't know about computer.
safe1556519 artist:azaleasdolls106 artist:frostwyrmsfury7 artist:jellmelon7 artist:joey267 artist:pinkyydoodles10 artist:rainbow-drawz13 derpibooru exclusive23838 edit114717 editor:jdueler11104 firefly1731 meadowbrook722 pinkie pie201487 rockhoof965 trixie61210 oc594371 oc only404471 oc:divine daze2 oc:layla20 earth pony190859 mermaid1703 merman47 pegasus232811 pony827688 unicorn258101 derpibooru6776 equestria girls177578 road to friendship1461 april fools759 april fools 202065 ascii71 base used14970 beach ball1282 bells339 black background4319 clothes401595 clown pony10 colored wings4921 comic sans1401 cupcake4847 cute173430 diatrixes2702 dithering33 draw me like one of your french girls1195 eating8519 english858 eyes closed78507 female880792 fins784 firefox173 folded wings4394 food59434 grin32237 hand stand3 hard hat648 hat74724 hoof stand12 jester hat92 jester pony3 lidded eyes24714 light1193 male299420 mare404867 mermaid maker57 mermaid tail203 mermaidized910 mermanized36 meta15893 microsoft261 mozilla firefox6 multicolored wings2133 offspring33651 parent:fancypants707 parent:rarity3467 parents:raripants490 raised eyebrow6104 retro338 rockbrook18 safety vest29 screenshots710 shipping181625 side6351 sign3603 signal24 smiling210127 solo960042 species swap18005 standing9785 straight120195 text49889 trident168 under construction9 underwater4362 vest3402 windows749 wings72219


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