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Imagine this scene; Its the middle of the night, You lie in bed tired, yet restless about something. As you ponder in thought, your door emits a creek as it opens. Thinking that it was a draft, you are at first annoyed, until you hear a small timid voice. "Um, I h-had a ni-nightmare…" it said. As You turn your head up you begin to see a small filly at your door.

A rasterized remake of one of my most beloved art pieces. I have made this just in time for Starlight Day 2020.
safe1555324 artist:spellboundcanvas377 starlight glimmer42974 pony826544 unicorn257487 bow23602 cute173575 daaaaaaaaaaaw3039 door3549 female879577 filly58430 filly starlight glimmer438 footed sleeper507 glimmerbetes3297 sad22408 scared9121 solo959317 weapons-grade cute3108 younger15473


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