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it’s been a while but this series is back, Nova learns the hard way what Mocha’s strength is capable of when she uses it.
part of the series commissioned by bloodknight
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safe1946237 artist:novaspark1873 oc823302 oc only605828 oc:morpha61 oc:nova spark498 goo2021 goo pony2116 monster pony4229 original species31072 tatzlpony1655 comic:working for a mad mare27 ^^1953 angry32209 clothes549693 comic122459 cross-popping veins2215 dialogue78638 double tail75 duo107119 duo female18747 ear fluff40519 ears back1998 electrocution272 explosion2442 eye contact7276 eyes closed118047 fangs32500 female1579508 glasses75970 gritted teeth16179 high res83933 hoof hold10587 hoof on chest1074 horn112602 indoors4952 lab coat2551 laughing9556 lidded eyes38103 looking at each other26915 looking at someone6498 looking back72379 lying down31340 multiple tails226 narrowed eyes1170 nose wrinkle3473 on back29113 one ear down923 onomatopoeia6232 open mouth193147 open smile14941 raised hoof58626 shading2807 shadow5885 shrunken pupils5073 signature34220 smiling323577 speech bubble31015 standing17524 tail62060 teeth14599 wall of tags5253


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