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source needed24421 useless source url4414 safe2175065 edit173046 spike92426 twilight sparkle357899 alicorn314331 dracony8995 dragon85439 hybrid31282 pony1603230 g42029994 the last problem8065 abomination1098 blursed image54 crossed arms7734 crown29941 cursed image1274 ethereal mane13485 female1803564 fusion7182 gigachad spike1289 head swap202 jewelry113159 male551083 mare741521 not salmon3180 older40000 older spike9000 older twilight4359 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3845 op is on drugs269 princess twilight 2.03805 regalia36453 simple background596632 smiling397691 solo1426640 transparent background284533 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149209 wat21820 we have become one738 what has science done1846


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