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Last Friendship Train Home

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Source has the pic to music, but since it's a licensed track I can't upload. You just get the pic.
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Check my first comment. It's a direct reference (poses and all) from a photo of the gang Jotaro looks at from the part 5 manga, which the anime actually shows being taken during Part 3. Bless David Pro for adding that detail.
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Okay, let's pretend somebody here is old has only seen the Stardust Crusaders OVA series from '93 and has no idea WTF this is a reference to. Is this about that Passione mafia dude who's Dio's kid and also Jonathan's kid?
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where's ponk?

This is a Jo-Stalin's Bizarre Adventure reference. Pinkie fell out of favor due to liking parties more than the Party and was airbrushed out of all official images as a result.