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Artist's comment:
January patreon reward #1 is animated! 🔔

safe (1504192) artist:evomanaphy (795) oc (568193) oc only (386641) oc:river chime (16) pegasus (213800) pony (781194) animated (88293) behaving like a bird (556) bell (3326) chest fluff (29013) cute (163509) eyes closed (73891) female (828387) gif (26282) gradient background (9973) happy (25752) mare (376312) mouth hold (14443) ocbetes (3836) onomatopoeia (2725) patreon (10993) patreon reward (969) sitting (50438) smiling (197955) solo (926602)


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keeper of freckles
Thank you very much! I was actually thinking about doing that but ended up not doing it due to several reasons, might be taking a bit more time in the future for some non-patreon reward related animation projects and do stuff like this

it's cute, but if you add a delay to the frames of movement on the bell it will feel weightier. like the bell movement begins a few frames after the head movement.

other than that, you did a fantastic job staying on model!