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When you wake up and find a pony in your bed with you :P
safe (1504609) artist:badumsquish (1797) derpibooru exclusive (22389) moondancer (4080) pony (781469) unicorn (234831) adoracreepy (552) bed (33710) blanket (4335) creepy (3657) cute (163559) dialogue (55113) female (828708) in bed (153) looking at you (131823) mare (376471) messy mane (6332) missing accessory (7091) offscreen character (26841) pillow (14155) pov (13947) solo (926841) stalker (259) trespassing (11) yandere (708)


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Tennessee Hillbilly
H..huh? Too tired to question her, I sinply roll her over and pull her in for non-lewd spooning before falling back asleep.
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She's a nerd though. She'd have to do the slow meticulous way. Though I think bump keys don't work on all locks, while a pick can be used on anything provided the picker is skilled enough. I think too locks would have to be a lot trickier in a world where 1/3 of the populace basically had psychic powers too :D
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Who would win, your bumpkeys, or this one strong springy-boi?

Bumpkeys are so easy to completely nullify these days it's not funny. Variable spring tension or different length driver pins are the two accepted methods.