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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Chu <3

safe2154402 artist:coonyloony8 fluttershy256080 twilight sparkle354692 alicorn310136 pegasus487969 pony1582377 g42007175 abstract background23528 alternate hairstyle37240 blushing268932 chest fluff63926 christmas20961 cute263237 eye clipping through hair13824 eyes closed137050 female1781138 floppy ears71911 forehead kiss392 hair bun5246 heart74642 holiday34811 kissing32137 lesbian116492 mare728246 mistleholly292 raised hoof68475 ship:twishy1554 shipping251235 shyabetes19016 sitting90754 smiling389890 surprise kiss1166 twiabetes15180 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148049


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