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Happy Holidays from the Apples! I hope everyone has some quality family time this season.

safe2172089 artist:dstears737 apple bloom59952 applejack200242 big macintosh33563 bright mac1738 granny smith6099 pear butter3849 earth pony445325 pony1600261 g42026881 adorabloom3876 adorasmith108 american gothic44 apple family666 apple siblings517 brother and sister6826 christmas21070 christmas stocking1113 christmas wreath570 cookie5022 cute265468 daaaaaaaaaaaw7002 digital art29420 eyes closed138770 family5714 female1800208 filly97229 fireplace3939 food101147 grandmother and granddaughter168 grandmother and grandson104 hat124026 holiday35214 macabetes631 male549939 mare739429 milk6662 mouth hold23726 rocking chair129 santa hat8408 siblings21754 sisters17933 sleeping29364 smiling396702 stallion195282 wreath1404


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I wanna make a joke here, but this is too cute, and heartwarming.  
I like the subtle things like the cutie-mark, Bloom’s festive ribbon, and how AJ is hanging her own stocking last kinda showing how she puts her family & friends first.
@Background Pony #6A8E  
And updated with the parents.