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Page 13 of Wedgiebolts Academy.

Fleetfloot lifts poor Soarin up into the air by his briefs~
He is definitely gonna be sore tomorrow.

I struggled a fair bit with this pose but I think I got it looking quite decent.

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safe1615097 artist:tacomytaco427 fleetfoot2012 soarin'13488 pegasus257097 pony882797 comic:wedgiebolts academy17 belly button71169 blue underwear2359 briefs477 clothes425772 comic103318 comic page60 eyes closed84048 female1285707 flying35569 frontal wedgie51 male343634 midriff18509 pain1776 shirt22401 shorts12854 spread wings49635 sunburst background939 text53539 underwear57073 upside down5183 wedgie1459 wings87609


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